Clock App Update

Evening All,

I have updated the desk flicker clock application

It now has NO DEPENDENCY on any other software to keep the backlight on.

It is completely self reliant. So you don't have to spend money on those other softwares.

Download here

Donations always welcome

.shockwave out.



Kucki said...

i appreciate your work! It looks very nice on my phone, but it is kind of irritating to see the seconds change so rapidly from the cornr of my eyes.

Maybe can you add the the options to turn of seconds, add actual date and switch to 24h mode?


Sam said...

Hi Kucki,

I know this may sound a little cheeky, but if you make a donation then I will make all those things happen.

Doesnt have to be much.



Kucki said...

I understand your point and I respect it.
But When I click your Donate-Button, nothing happens (might be the reason for no incoming donations).

Sam said...

use the very bottom donate button.

that one works

ariyon176 said...

good idea in apps but it better appears as screen saver like nokia clock N date..hope hear from u..good start men...

Anonymous said...

good copy of it :) !

ratty said...

Download link appeears to be broken :(