Request an App

Request an App!

Afternoon all.
Firstly I would like to thank you all for your interest in my work.
7000 downloads in under a week aint bad.

No donations though :P

Nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity ask you, if you could have an app developed for you. What would it be?

Please leave a comment with a short description of what you want from the app.

Kind Regards



Alex Bhaswara said...

Hi, Your works is very good!
too bad there is no donation for these. I have a blog about Nokia with more than 10.000 page views daily. You can post your freeware there and keep the donate button with your post. PM me if you interested :)

joakim said...

Hi, i would love somekind of towerdefence game. :)

Anonymous said...

i would like to have a application to switch between gsm and 3g with on button

is that possible?

contact said...

Very good job! ;-)

Can you contact me by email?

See you!

eddie said...

great work bro!!!
your applications are really kool!
here are 2 ov my idea:

1: Speed Check!!
to check the speed of a car passing by using the main camera!
like a speed camera! it wud be fun!

2: another great application wud be to change the theme or wallpaper or the playing song by flicking the phone, using the accelerometer i mean! it wud be a great application if u make it!

Keep up the gud work!
i will donate as soon as i get a job! ;-]

thnx n bye!

eiraku said...

"i would like to have a application to switch between gsm and 3g with on button

is that possible?"

And to think that I (and a couple of guys over at Twitter) was the only one DYING for an app like this (only difference is I would settle for an app that does this when launched, ala BTSwitch).

Maybe with the choice to cycle through Dual-Mode as well.

We already have BTSwitch, right?

Good luck mate!

Blaxx said...

I'm a very novice programming with 2 intermediate skilled friends and the 3 of us have been working on a Movie Listings app for S60. Since you're taking suggestions, an app that can display what movies are playing and at what times in your city is something that is sorely missed. If it gave the option of using GPS to determine your location and the theaters near you as well, it would be right along the lines of what we're planning on doing. We encourage the competition (seeing as it will probably take you a lot less time to get it done than we will LOL)

kansir said...

Wallpaper change automatically

I would like to create a album, put all the wallpapers there, then 5800 automatically change the wallpaper for a predefine period, e.g. daily.

krisq said...

I love Contacts Bar. The thing is, there is no other info on the screen like on Active Desktop. I would like an app that would show next calendar entry which I miss the most. I really hope Nokia will enable desktop widgets on 5800 but that's probably really far away from now.
Simple bar in the middle of the screen with next reminder from calendar would suffice completely. Thanks!

eddie said...

the 5800 already has tht funtionality! to enable it do the following: goto menu> settings> personel> theme> wallpaper> choose slideshow!! it will ask u wat wallpapers u want to use and how often do u want them to change!
i hope tht helps!

Anonymous said...

I'd love a stopwatch/timer for my 5800 - mostly the timer. If it had an option to keep the backlight on and prevent the keyguard/screenlock, that would be even better.

Thanks for the site/apps, I'll be following your good work.

Sam said...

anonymous, would you donate if i made the stopwatch and timer?

bazanime said...

a good simple to user Timer app with alarm would do me fine.

kansir said...

@ eddie :

Thank you very much !!!

eddie said...

@ kansir: no worries! happy to help!

@ ananymous: there is already a stopwatch apllication available! google "5800 stop watch"

i hope we all get a reply from the developer today! ;-]

Mr.Nice said...

Thanks for your great work...
Here is something would be awesome on Nokia 5800:

Alioooop said...

I would like a messaging app that looks like on the iphone:) with the speakbubbles and ginetic skrolling :)

Anonymous said...

I'm using smartphoneware best profiles and also Theme Sheduler from for my nokia 5800. I can see in best profiles, it can't allow me to change random themes. So the end result for both running application in my nokia 5800 is Theme Sheduler not proper function. No sure whether can it be merge into 1 application to light up usage?

Jane said...

I'd love a simple, good to-do or shopping list app, something like the Palm one. But prettier for the lovely hi-res screen :-) I would defo donate for that!

VZsolt said...

Hey, how about porting muPDF/fitz to Symbian? I've been thinking about it for a while, but can't find the time next to work and university.

kansir said...

I want a better facebook apps.

Although 5800 build-in a facebook apps, but it sucks.

i can't reply to friends' status, or view anyone reply my status.

Travis said...

We absolutely need a threaded SMS app!!!! I hate having to jump between my inbox and sent items just to follow a conversation! I would pay 10 bucks for app like that in a second. I'm not sure what development would cost for something like that but I'm sure you could at least break even if you sold only 100 copies of it. Think about it, there is zero competition on S60 V5 for any type of threaded SMS app. Now is the time to seize the market share on this type of app.

krisq said...

There is an excellent free app for threaded sms for 5800. It's called Free-iSMS. Much better than Nokia's Conversations IMO.

Travis said...

I checked out that Free-iSMS but couldn't find a signed copy. I found some tutorial showing me how to hack my phone to install unsigned apps and whatnot. The average user is probably not going to be interested in doing something like that hence the need for a legit signed threaded SMS application. I know it would sell well if someone stepped up and did it.

Anonymous said...


I would realy like to see a app that groups ur sms like the iphone does caue nokia dont seam to have anything. Would be a big hit and i would pay
Cheers D

Alvin said...

you know what i'd love? I know what I'd love. I'd love a clock radio app. Or at least an app that plays a playlist of songs as an alarm, without any of that ascending volume business. :D

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I want an app that cn play all video format